World’s first trombone half plunger

World’s first trombone half plunger

World’s first trombone half plunger

This remarkable tool has been sought after by composers and arrangers for decades and is finally available exclusively at It is an ergonomic disaster designed for musical masterpieces. (Trumpet version in development, expected to arrive for sale April 1st, 2025.)

Are you tired of trying to achieve the full half plunger sound with a regular plunger?

✅ Upgrade to the half plunger now and look professional on the bandstand. The half plunger is also well suited for both half-time playing and half-time players.

The half plunger is the only trombone mute on the market available in both right-handed and left-handed versions which, according to intensive market research, will make it suitable for almost all trombone players.

Half plunger left and right hand models

Half plunger left and right hand models


You can get the half plunger in two versions: pre-fabricated or as a simple do-it-yourself package with clear instructions.


Pre-fabricated left-hand 1/2 plunger    only $139
Pre-fabricated right-hand 1/2 plunger   only $149
DYI 1/2 plunger kit    only $169

half plunger sample


  1. king2b 10 years ago

    Well, being on the lefties myself, there was no way around this epic invention. And there is also proof that this is actually a piece of exquisite fine art rather than a simple tool; I haven´t sold a single piece so far.

    Thanks for your support, John

  2. john durkee 3 weeks ago

    Thank God someone has finally developed a fully functional product with the left handed person in mind. As we all know, lefties have been persecuted since the dawn of time. Is it our fault that Lucifer sat at the left hand if God; or that left handed people are found in prisons and mental hospitals at a rate 10 times higher than they are in the general population. Thank you, digital trombone, for pricing this invaluable tool at a price that reflects the special needs of the sinistrally gifted.

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