10 More Jazz Etudes For Trombone

10 More Jazz Etudes For Trombone

more trombone jazz etudes prod pic frontpageI am a bit ashamed. Despite the good response I got on the book ’10 Jazz Etudes For Trombone’, it has taken me four years to complete the second edition. But finally, here it is, the brand new trombone book

10 More Jazz Etudes For Trombone
written by Anders Larson (that´s me).

The structure of the book

If you are familiar with the first edition of the jazz etudes, you will recognize the setup in the second edition. For those of you who do not know the first book, this is how it is structured:

  • Each etude is written over the harmonies from a famous jazz standard
  • Each etude is divided into a easy/medium section and an advanced section
  • Each etude is written especially for trombone

You can play the etudes on your own, with a piano player or a full rhythm section. There are chords indicated all the way through, so you can see how the melodies fit the harmony.

There are clear indications of phrasing in all the etudes. I have carefully made sure that the phrasing both fits the trombone and makes sense musically. But if you would disagree with my suggestions, you are welcome to change them to fit your musical preferences and style of playing. This is jazz, and there should always be room for your own interpretations!

Selected jazz standards

To make the etudes more useful in real life, each of them is based on the chord progression of carefully selected jazz standards. In fact, the standards were picked by the digitaltrombone.com readers, and there are plenty left on the list for future books!

Here are all the songs that were used as inspiration for the etudes:

  • Have You Met Miss Jones
  • On Green Dolphin Street
  • All of Me
  • How insensitive
  • Donna Lee
  • Misty
  • Night and Day
  • There Will Never Be Another You
  • Killer Joe
  • Take Five

I truly hope you will enjoy this book, and I assure you that there is enough content to keep you occupied for hours!


All the best,
Anders Larson

PS. If you missed the first book, you can buy both ’10 Jazz Etudes For Trombone’ and ’10 More Jazz Etudes For Trombone’  in a bundle and save $10. These are all the standards on which the etudes in the first book are based upon:

  • Doxy
  • Summertime
  • All The Things You Are
  • Stella By Starlight
  • Blues in Bb
  • Body And Soul
  • Rhythm Changes in Bb
  • Take The A Train
  • Third Dilemma (Anders Larson original)
  • Cherokee


  1. Jenny Peak 9 years ago

    Are your books written in bass clef only, I am a brass bander ! and only read treble clef! As yet, but at 60 learning new is becoming more difficult!

    Many thanks. xxx

  2. Anders 9 years ago

    Dear Jenny,

    I am working on a new series of jazz solos book in both treble clef, bass clef, Bb and Eb. Will launch soon under a new brand. If you sign up firth newsletter here, or keep an eye on updates here, I will make sure you know when the new books arrive!


  3. Juan Pablo 9 years ago

    Hi, Is there audio available?

  4. Anders Larson 8 years ago

    Sorry, no audio currently, but it is on my to-do list!

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