Worlds greatest trombone plunger mute?

Worlds greatest trombone plunger mute?

Yes, we all know the fancy red&white music store trombone plunger, and it does sound really good. But I never liked the handling of it, it is too clumsy and hard to hold comfortably. Might be that my mid-sized scandinavian hands that are fitted backwards…

A few years ago, Erling Kroner (R.I.P. dear colleague) had a trombone friend in USA send him some plungers from an american hardware store, and he sold me one of them. I have been committed to it ever since! It is deep enough to have a good sound, but still nice to hold. I have used it on hundreds of gigs and several recordings by now.

BUT – I have had it for a few years now, and it it a cheap rubber product, so now it has started to crack. Is there anyone (americans) out there who know where to get hold of this model????

If you know where to get it and want to help me out, drop me an email! Money is no object (since we are talking about a domestic rubber-thing for a few bucks…), and I will send one of my cd´s in return as well as covering all costs of course!

Hope to hear from you!

All the best,

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PS. I have cut off some of the inner rim for better response, and my signature is a custom work as well…

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  1. David Marriott, Jr. 12 years ago

    I have a few of those, some I’ve had for over 20 years — they don’t quite make them the same way, with that dense rubber, but you can go into any hardware store and get one that is pretty much exactly the same… in fact, the new ones are a little more pliable… here’s the Home Depot standard — — but almost every major chain of stores has them — KMart, Walmart, Target are a few big ones… Hope that helps! I’ll try and document some of mine…

  2. king2b 12 years ago

    Hi David!

    I am trying to locate the exact model…have a selection of standard toilet plungers available, but most of them seem to be too skinny for our purpose! But thanks for the links!

  3. Charles 12 years ago

    Did you check

  4. Norman 12 years ago

    I highly doubt you will be able to find the exact model of that plunger. As you said, its a “domestic rubber-thing” and there are literally thousands of brands of these things on the market. I suggest simply visiting a local hardware store and comparing the thickness of some of their plungers to your mute. Take note that your mute will be considerably harder and less pliable because it has been exposed to the elements (also why its cracking).

  5. Albert 12 years ago

    I’m pretty new to this site so I just saw this post. The plunger that Anders is looking for looks “exactly” that same as the plungers they sell at Silvan (here in Denmark), so Anders this should be easy for you to investigate. It even feels like the same rubber type you mention, that will dry out in a couple of years.

  6. Anders 12 years ago

    Albert, I will check that out! That would be a nice solution 🙂 Thanks

  7. Mitchell Ross, B.M., M.M., The Juilliard School, 1983. 7 months ago

    I tried many plungers and found the one you mentioned to be the best at that time, although some new contenders have appeared since then which might be worth a try. I called up The Kirkhill Manufacturing Co. years ago, and expressed that their plunger (for toilets) was the best for trombone use owing to it’s more flat design (as opposed to a rounder cup) which lent for a better articulation. It’s the same plunger as can be seen in your photograph. Their phone number is: (562) 803-1117. Fax: 3117. Address: 12023 Woodruff Ave., Downey, California, USA. It’s been years. I hope they’re still in business!

  8. Mitchell Ross, B.M., M.M., The Juilliard School, 1983. 7 months ago

    The plunger mute in your photo is made by The Kirkhill Manufacturing Co. I called them years ago to purchase their toilet plungers for myself and my students. The flatter design lent for greater articulation of sound than the round shaped plungers, and I told them so. I don’t know if they’re still in business, but the phone number is: (562) 803-1117. Fax: 3117. Their address is: 12023 Woodruff Ave., Downey, California. I first experienced the design after trying one owned by Sean Mahony, the former Rainbow Room band leader. You can call me at (212) 304-4875. I’ve seen a few new contenders, but old dogs dislike new tricks. I have a half dozen of the plungers in my home if you have no luck with the Kirkhill Co. Thanks!

  9. Author
    Anders Larson 6 months ago

    Thanks a lot for your reply and insights, Mitchell!

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