About digitaltrombone

My mission with digitaltrombone.com is to create the leading resource for trombone players on the Internet. All exercises and articles on the site are written by me, trombone player Anders Larson, and are based on many years of experience as a professional musician.

My passion and and expertise is trombone and trombone playing. It is what I do for a living, and I do it quite well, or at least I do my best! Anders Larson

The site has thousands of visitors from around the world every month, and a newsletter with 4.000+ dedicated trombone playing subscribers.

The name digitaltrombone.com refers to the meeting between something very analog (the trombone) and the ones and zeros on the Internet. Digitaltrombone.com is my attempt to build a platform to share my knowledge and help other trombone players improve their playing. It is based on my two corner stones:

Quality and Credibility

I wont post anything here that I haven´t tried out myself. My goal is that every article should be really useful and with top quality content. I put my reputation on the line here, so it better be good!

Everything I say about trombone and brass playing is based on my personal experience, and has proven to work for both me and my students. The Internet is full of empty words and hot air, but I promise that the all the hot air you get from me is put into my mouthpiece!

For the last 25 years the trombone has been a vital part of my identity, and I am living and breathing (literally) through the instrument.

I try to reach out to colleges student, conservatory students, advanced amateurs as well as professional trombone players and educators.

If you like what You find around here, please let me know by leaving a comment or send me a mail.

Anders Larson
Copenhagen, 2010