How come the saxes always get to play all the fun parts in big bands? Cool, beautiful and hip melody lines, accompanied by an occasional “bap” or “do-bauw” from the brass section. Ok, it is not the whole truth, but there are some fun sax parts that are (reasonably) playable on trombone as well. Do I need to say how good it will sound when played on trombone?

Thad Jones is known for his brilliant music for big band, and Groove Merchant is one of my favorites. Especially the sax chorus is amazing. Full-fat super-hip lines with intense voicings, this is Thad at his best! And even better, it is actually quite suited for trombone. Admitted, it is a bit technically challenging, but the range is spot on – when playing it an octave below the lead soprano. I wrote out the harmony as well, it´s a fun piece to solo on. Continue reading

Trombone lesson: Tip Toe Trombone Solo

If you are into big band music, you probably know Thad Jones. He is one of the all time greatest arrangers and composers in that genre if you ask me. His work includes great tunes as The Second Race, Groove Merchant, Backbone, Little Pumpkin, The Farewell, Fingers, Us and many others. Continue reading

Bach Cello suites in all keys

Bass clef bundle:
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As far as I know, this is the first edition of Bach´s Cello Suites IN ALL KEYS! Now you can get Suite no 1 and Suite no 2 edited for brass in all keys, available in PDF format. With 120-152 pages each, there should be enough music to keep you busy for the rest of the week…and the next few years!

There are two versions available of each suite: high brass (treble clef) and low brass (bass clef). Since all keys are represented, it doesn´t matter how your instrument is tuned, there will always be plenty of well suited etudes for your instrument – trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tenor horn, alto horn, french horn or tuba. Continue reading

Bach Cello Suites Edited for Brass – free download

Have you ever tried to play Bach´s Cello Suites on trombone? Chances are great that you have, they sound fantastic and are quite well suited for trombone.

I use them a lot; for legato playing, intonation, building up chops and especially for pure pleasure! As a jazz player, my goal is not to make concert hall versions, and be 100% true to the original. I try to catch the flow good cello players have when they play the etudes, but otherwise, I just try to make them sound good on my horn. If they are new to you, find the download link at the end of this page, and enjoy Bach´s maybe most famous suite, no. 2 in D minor. Continue reading

10 Jazz Etudes for Trombone

10 Jazz Etudes for Trombone

Do you want to play great jazz solos, written especially for trombone?

Now you can, without having to learn how to improvise!

I don´t like to practise. It´s lonely and can be quite boring. That is why I wrote this book – to make trombone practising fun!

The concept of the book is simple: Every etude is composed as an improvised jazz solo, written over the chords from a famous jazz standard. And every etude consists of two parts; easy/medium and advanced, each divided into numbered choruses. Two of the etudes are written as a duet for two trombones.

You can play the etudes alone, with a piano player, a full rhythm section or find the relevant songs as play-along (not included). The idea is to let you expand your jazz vocabulary, and play music that really fits the instrument. Continue reading