Trombone Volume Control

Trombone Volume Control

Always be heard – get your own customTrombone Volume Control today!

April sale: $500 $499

This unique product is finally available for the masses (not sure if the breed of trombone players can ever be defined as masses) and will allow you to gain control over the volume of your instrument. Years of product development has been put into it, and the final result will stagger both your colleagues and audience. 

There are two basic modes for the Trombone Volume Control:

  1. Turn up mode – allows you to turn the volume up 
  2. Max volume mode – fixed setting for maximum volume (standard)

By disabling the ability to reduce volume, you finally have a valid and scientifically correct reply to the all-to-common Turn-That-Trombone-Down request, most often expressed by ill-tempered neighbors and string players.

The volume control is ergonomic and very easy to use. It works just as any volume knob (with the exception of the turn-down function). It is very sturdy as it is made of medium quality recycled plastic. Available in bright white, an off white version will arrive soon, but please don’t wait for it. The usage of plastic has made is possible to keep the price as low as $499.


How to use the Trombone Volume Control

The use of the volume knob goes into two categories; pre-mounted usage and usage when mounted.

Pre-mounted usage: 

  1. Grab volume knob 
  2. Attach to trombone

Usage when mounted:

  1. Grab volume knob 
  2. Turn up
  3. Play

Trombone volume control

Future models

Variations of the Trombone Volume Control are in the pipeline, including knobs made of crystal, metal, and rain forest wood. A special version that goes to 11 is in development and is expected to hit the market in 2021.

So crank it up and enjoy your day!

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  1. Roger Ringnalda 5 years ago

    I would like to oder a set of three for our Fort Dodge Symphony Trombone Section, but can we get those with Bass Boost as well?

  2. Martin 5 years ago

    Just what we need. Goodbye termites and unwanted critters!

  3. GW 5 years ago

    Perfect for those salsa gigs with inadequate sound systems!

  4. Duane Bryant 5 years ago

    I had to take mine off. Some smartass kept sneaking up behind me and turning it down!

  5. Jeff Triplett 5 years ago

    Do you have a model that goes to 11?

  6. Dady 5 years ago

    I’m in rdcongo(africa continent) how to do for bay

  7. Jaz W 5 years ago

    Have just bought a very similar (and cheaper) one off eBay for my daughter’s trombone and will slyly fit it without her knowledge. I’ve also etched an 11 onto the knob as volume must ALWAYS go to 11.

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