Drones for all major and minor keys

Drones in all keys for your trombone practice


☑️ Work with both major and minor keys
☑️ Help you play in tune
☑️ Let you relate to the specific key you are working on
☑️ Combine drone and metronome


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Ambient Drones For Both Major and Minor Keys

Each drone provides a sustained pitch with a soft, ambient sound pleasing to the ear. They are designed to help musicians on all wind instruments practice intonation and tonal center stability. The drones provided on this page cover all 12 major and minor keys, offering versatility for various musical exercises. The tuning is based on the A at 440hz.

Trombone Practice Tips

These tips will let you get the most out of practicing with drones. Note that the tips work for most instruments although written with the trombone in mind.

  1. Pre-Warm-Up: Pick a drone and do some lip buzzing or play on your mouthpiece in perfect tune (or at least try to play in tune).
  2. Scale Practice: Play scales along with the drone to improve pitch accuracy. Vary between major and minor scales.
  3. Triad Practice: Play triads in major and minor against the drone – not only the tonic but also other triads that can be played in the same key.
  4. Interval Training: Sing or play intervals against the drone to develop ear training. Pro tip: don’t think about it as intervals – rather think of the function you are singing or playing. Example in C major: don’t consider the leap from C to G a fifth, but rather going from the tonic to the dominant.


Q1: How do I use drones effectively in practice? Use drones to practice scales, intervals, and pieces, focusing on staying in tune with the drone and relating to the key you are working on.

Q2: Can I use drones for any instrument? Yes, drones are beneficial for all instruments and voice, helping to improve pitch and intonation. This includes piano and guitar – being good at hearing the relationship between notes in a given key will make you a better musician.

Q3: How often should I practice with drones? Incorporate drones into your daily practice routine for all suitable exercises!

Drones available on this page

  • Drone in C major and C minor
  • Drone in C♯/D♭ major and C♯/D♭ minor
  • Drone in D major and D minor
  • Drone in D♯/E♭ major and D♯/E♭ minor
  • Drone in E major and E minor
  • Drone in F major and F minor
  • Drone in F♯/G♭ major and F♯/G♭ minor
  • Drone in G major and G minor
  • Drone in G♯/A♭ major and G♯/A♭ minor
  • Drone in A major and A minor
  • Drone in A♯/B♭ major and A♯/B♭ minor
  • Drone in B major and B minor

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