Drones in all major and minor keys

Ambient drone pads for your trombone practice

– in all major and minor keys

  • Help you play in tune
  • Let you relate to the specific key you are working on
  • Make you sound better
  • Help you relax while playing
  • Combine a drone and the metronome for the ultimate practice experience!

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Major keys ambient drones

C major

F major

Bb major (or A#)

Eb major (or D#)

Ab major (or G#)

Db major (or C#)

Gb major (or F#)

B major

E major

A major

D major

G major

Minor keys ambient drones

A Minor

D Minor

G Minor

C minor

F minor

Bb minor (or A# minor)

Eb minor (or D# minor)

Ab minor (or G# minor)

C# minor (or Db minor)

F# minor (or Gb minor)

B minor

E minor