Bach Cello Suite 2 Edited for Brass – free download

Bach Cello Suite 2 Edited for Brass – free download

Bach Cello Suite 2 Edited for Brass – free download

Have you ever tried to play Bach´s Cello Suites on trombone? Chances are great that you have, they sound fantastic and are quite well suited for trombone.

I use them a lot; for legato playing, intonation, building up chops, and especially for pure pleasure! As a jazz player, my goal is not to make concert hall versions and be 100% true to the original. I try to catch the flow good cello players have when they play the etudes, but otherwise, I just try to make them sound good on my horn. If they are new to you, find the download link at the end of this page, and enjoy Bach´s maybe most famous suite, no. 2 in D minor.

Edited for brass
The cello has one big advantage over brass players, and that is the ability to play multiple notes at the same time. With four strings and the bow, they can play 2, 3 or 4 notes practically at the same time, and Bach really explored these possibilities in his Cello Suites. I have tried to make up for that in this version by replacing the cello chords and arpeggios with grace notes. It is up to you when and where you want to include the grace notes.

Some of the notes are out of reach on a trombone without an F-attachment, I have written them in two octaves. I usually try to play them as fake notes in the low register when I play my small bore trombone, you should do what is most comfortable for you.

Phrasing of the cello suites
The phrasing in general is legato except where indicated. There are no original scores with Bach’s autograph available, and there are therefore many interpretations of the suites with slightly different phrasing and slurring. Since most brass players don´t use a bow, all the slurs may not be appropriate. As a result of that, I have tried to indicate as little as possible, leaving room for you to play the suites in your own way (I’m still a jazz guy, right). And don´t be afraid to change the phrasing that exists -Bach is long gone, and you honor his memory better by playing his music with your heart and soul rather than trying to get it all down!

When you download the etude, you get it in bass clef, as well as alto, tenor, and treble clef in different octaves. A total of 36 pages of printer-friendly sheet music edited for trombone and other brass in PDF format – for free!

Here is a video with a wonderful version of Suite no II, performed by cellist Mischa Maisky – enjoy!


Download your copy of Bach´s Cello Suite II Edited for Brass now – click on the sheet music!

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  1. John Tarr 14 years ago

    Hey Wow,

    Thanks a lot for all the work. I’ll try it out and when you get the rest buy a copy. All the best, John

  2. Anders 14 years ago

    Thanks John!

    I´m working on some new variations of the cello suites, I think you will like them! They will be for sale here at the site soon. Keep an eye at the web or look for my next newsletter!


  3. ThompsonPaul 14 years ago

    Caught your mention of this on Twitter. What a treat! Thanks for this – been looking for something to work on embouchure endurance and legato. Perfect!


  4. Patrick Stapleton 8 years ago

    HI there my name is Patrick Stapleton, I was wondering if you could help me find somewhere to play trombone?

    I am an Australia working in Boston for the next 6 months or so. Back in Australia I live in Adelaide and play in my local orchestra, brass band and a rock band. I’ve been playing for 30 years and am keen to play over here in the US. However I’ve been finding it really difficult to find any community ensembles to join here in Boston. All I can find online are professional groups that I don’t think will be interested in me. I’m not after money just the opportunity to play. I have a trombone a good range and loads of reading and performing experience.

    I was wondering how in the US keen amateurs like myself go about finding ensembles to play in?

  5. Anders Larson 8 years ago

    Hi Patrick, I live in Dnemark, so unfortunately I can´t help you. Hope you find some play mates 🙂 All the best,

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