Telemann’s Fantasias for flute – edited for trombone

Telemann’s Fantasias for flute – edited for trombone

In 1732-1733, Georg Philipp Telemann wrote 12 beautiful pieces for solo flute, Fantasia 1-12. In 2022 they were converted into beautiful trombone music.

Music for flute on the trombone? Sure! Admittedly, I started with transposing them down an octave. That took the original versions from unplayable to just really challenging. (Flutes have this thing for fast lines and big leaps…). So what else could I do to make this beautiful music slightly more playable on a trombone?

Transposed for trombone

Each Fantasia is now available in different keys: the original key, a trombone-friendly key, and a key (and octave) suited for bass trombone. Choose the one(s) that fits your chops and ambitions.

Simplified versions

I have also made some special trombone edits to make the Fantasias more playable. The goal was to keep the sound and feel of the original composition but make it a bit easier by removing some of the wildest runs and biggest intervals.

Listen – then play

Please scroll down to listen to the etudes in their original versions. I suggest you listen to these flute versions as inspiration. If you try to copy the tempo and phrasing on your trombone, you will be busy for the next few centuries ?  But that doesn’t stop us from finding the soul of the music while playing it in a more trombone-friendly manner. 

Bass trombone edits

I don’t want to leave my low-note friends out in the cold, so I have also made edits for bass trombone. It is quite a leap from flute to bass trombone – are you up for the challenge?

Find the variations in the member’s section

All the variations are available in the member’s section of and nowhere else online. You get 14 days free when signing up, so there is little excuse not to get started right away ? Here are all the variations available for trombone (and other bass clef instruments for that sake):

Telemann Fantasia 1 edited for trombone

  1. A major (original key)
  2. Eb major (transposed for trombone)
  3. Eb major – easy version
  4. Ab major for bass trombone
  5. Ab major for bass trombone – easy version

Telemann Fantasia 2 edited for trombone

  1. A minor (original key)
  2. A minor – easy version
  3. D minor (transposed for trombone)
  4. D minor – easy version
  5. F minor BASS TROMBONE (transposed for trombone)
  6. F minor BASS TROMBONE – easy version

Take a listen – Fantasia 1

Take a listen – Fantasia 2

Happy playing!


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