Set your trombone bebop chops on fire!

Set your trombone bebop chops on fire!

A Charlie Parker buffet for trombone players

Why settle for the largest trombone sheet music and exercise site online when it can be even more largest? (Yes, that is almost grammatically correct.) And it just got more largest with the addition of 60+ pages of Charlie Parker sweetness in form of jazz etudes based on the chords of some of his greatest tunes. There is a play-along track with each etude alongside recordings with Charlie Parker playing the tunes. 

There are only a handful of players that has really changed the course of jazz, and Bird was one of them. With sprawling melodic lines and intricate yet logical chord progressions, his music has become part of the foundation of jazz. And rightfully so! Take a look at the selection of Charlie Parker trombone jazz etudes here.

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The tunes

Here are all the Charlie Parker tunes that the jazz etudes I just added are based on:

  • Now’s The Time & Billies Bounce
  • Yardbird Suite
  • Confirmation
  • Dewey Square
  • Donna Lee
  • My Little Suede Shoes
  • Ornithology
  • Scrapple from the Apple
  • Thriving From a Riff

A total of over 60 pages of trombone music – if this doesn’t make your bebop pop I don’t know what will!

Go bebop that bone. Now! 



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