New release: The Ultimate Trombone High Range Book

New release: The Ultimate Trombone High Range Book


Can you play high notes on the trombone effortlessly? Does each note soar out, clear, resonant, and without a hint of strain? No? You’re not alone! The challenge of producing flawless high notes is one that many trombonists grapple with, regardless of their experience level.

I’m thrilled to present my latest work, The Ultimate Trombone High Range Book’. I’ve poured my passion and expertise into this resource, ensuring that it offers actionable insights and techniques for mastering those challenging high notes on the trombone.

For many of us, hitting the perfect high note can seem like an elusive goal. But with the right guidance and understanding, it becomes effortless (well, almost). This book is designed to guide you step by step up into the very highest trombone range.

The Struggle with High Notes and Tension

Most trombonists know the tension that builds up as they enter the higher registers. It’s a mix of anticipation, anxiety, and physical tension in our bodies. This often results in notes that sound forced, are off-pitch, or worst of all, don’t sound at all. The frustration this brings can dampen our enthusiasm and even make us dread certain pieces or practice sessions.

A Comprehensive Guide to High Note Mastery

“The Ultimate Trombone High Range Book” isn’t just a collection of exercises. It’s a complete approach to understanding and mastering the trombone high-range. It’s rooted in the belief that with understanding and repetition comes mastery. Once you comprehend the mechanics and the science behind the art, high notes no longer remain a challenge but become a tool for expression. As long as you put in the work too…

As you delve deeper into the book, you’ll find:

Playing high is easy (when you do it right) 

This chapter debunks the myth that playing high notes is inherently challenging. By adopting the right techniques and understanding, you can transform this daunting task into a seamless part of your musical repertoire.

High Range Glissando

Utilize glissandi to reach high notes with full sound. One of my best high-note tools, both for diagnostics and development.

Extending Your Range With Mouthpiece

Using just the mouthpiece can be an effective way to extend your range. This section provides exercises and guidance on how to use the mouthpiece to its full potential in range extension – just make sure you put it to good use on the trombone. Nobody wants to hear you play high notes on the mouthpiece alone…

Scales Without Tonguing

These exercises focus on playing scales without the use of tonguing. This helps in improving airflow and control, and the outcome sounds quite impressive.

Pedal Tone Exercise

In a high-range book?! Understand the importance of pedal tones in loosening your embouchure and opening your throat. Incorporating pedal tones into your practice routine will significantly benefit your high-range playing.

High Range Doodle Monster

This is one of my go-to exercises for both high-range and endurance. If you don’t speak fluent doodle, you can, of course, use single tonguing. It’s a real monster for building high-register trombone chops!

Trombone High Range Doodle Monster

High Range Endurance

Building endurance is crucial for consistent high-note playing. This section offers routines and exercises to help build stamina, ensuring you can maintain your high range over longer durations, while still being relaxed.

High Range Flexibility

Flexibility in the high range ensures you can move between notes with ease. Through targeted exercises, this chapter aims to enhance your flexibility, making transitions between high notes smoother.

Sweet Trombone Workout

Do you like the sound of soft & sweet high-range trombone playing? Slide vibrato and all the bells and whistles? This chapter will help you develop that.

Expanding Range Using Good Articulation

Articulation plays a pivotal role in playing clear and resonant high notes. This chapter focuses on exercises that combine range expansion with improved articulation, ensuring each note sounds distinct and resonant. No note will ever start without articulation!

Is this how your lips feel (not look!) after playing a few high notes? Then you’re really not onto something good… High notes are not supposed to cause pain or discomfort, and this book will enable you to play them without that. I’ve said it before: go for an effortless feel!

Tired lips and embouchure

Every trombonist’s journey is different, and it should be. But certain challenges, like mastering high notes, are more or less universal. With ‘The Ultimate Trombone High Range Book’ you have a tool for this journey, ensuring that every practice session brings you one step closer to the notes high up in the trombone heaven.

Play great,

Anders Larson, pro bone-playing author and founder of

Buy the high range book now – before your neighbor gets an octave ahead.


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