Trombone lesson: Mouthpiece warmup

Trombone lesson: Mouthpiece warmup

Don´t forget not to play the trombone all the time! And while not doing that, I suggest that you work on the mouthpiece alone. It´s great for improving air flow, attack, strength and sound.

When you are buzzing, try to make the sound as big and open as possible. I try to focus on getting as many overtones in the sound as possible. Once you get it right on the mouthpiece, the tone quality on the horn will improve as well.

I use this buzzing exercise on a regular basis, and it´s often the first I play each day. It´s good for getting the lips started and building up strength. You should play it very smooth with a soft and controlled attack.

Try not to stop on the top and bottom note, but rather use them as pivot points and make sure that you have the same tone quality all the way, both on the notes and the glissandi in between.

Good luck!

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