The Ultimate Trombone High Range Book

The Ultimate Trombone High Range Book


A collection of high-quality trombone high-note exercises with extensive how-to instructions. 

Bass clef, 50 pages in pdf format.
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Playing high notes on the trombone is easy—when done right!

If playing in the high range feels physically demanding, it’s likely due to improper technique. With the right method, executing high notes on the trombone becomes almost effortless. That is why I wrote the book The Ultimate Trombone High Range Book.

However, building a reliable and usable high range requires good endurance. A primary focus of this book, besides teaching you how to play high notes better, is enhancing your endurance. I’ll help you develop lips that are both butter-soft and strong as steel! Before even diving into the exercises in this book, I’ll teach you how to play high notes properly.

I genuinely believe this book will be a game-changer for you in mastering the high range of trombone playing.

Revisiting my own high-note exercises in this book has boosted my high-range chops beyond what I expected!

Bass clef, 50 pages in pdf format. Book content:

Playing high is easy (when you do it right) Learn the proper embouchure and technique to make high notes a seamless part of your music.

High Range Glissando Harness glissandi for resonant high notes. A top tool for diagnostics and development.

Extending Your Range With Mouthpiece
Extending your range with the mouthpiece will improve your range on the instrument as well.

Scales Without Tonguing Play scales without tonguing to enhance airflow and control. The result sounds quite nice!

Pedal Tone Exercise Discover the role of pedal tones in loosening the embouchure for better high-range playing

High Range Doodle Monster A key exercise for high range and stamina. Whether you doodle or single tongue, it’s pivotal for high-register expertise.

High Range Endurance Build endurance for consistent high notes.

High Range Flexibility Flexibility in the high range ensures you can move between notes with ease.

Sweet Trombone Workout Enjoy the soft, sweet high-range trombone playing style? This chapter helps you master this.

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