Trombone articulation

Trombone articulation


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The key to an excellent trombone sound is a smooth and precise attack and clear articulation. This book will give you a thorough workout of your articulation and tonguing.

Bass clef, 60 pages in pdf format.
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Woodwind players get a perfect legato going from one note to another by pressing a key or covering a hole. But as trombone players, we pull. To avoid unintentional glissandi, you need great articulation.

The key (well, one of them) to great trombone sound is a smooth and precise attack ad clear articulation. The benefits from working with this book are:

⇒ Instant and precise attack

⇒ Faster tonguing

⇒ Clarity in your melodic lines

⇒ Improved trombone technique

⇒ Smoother legato playing

The book has an abundance of exercises with expert guidance for all levels of trombone playing. This go-to book will help you develop your trombone playing over many practice sessions and help you to crystal clear and elegant attacks, while you strengthen your chops and build up speed.

Bass clef, 60 pages in pdf format.

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