II-V-I Jazz patterns for trombone

II-V-I Jazz patterns for trombone


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II-V-I chord progressions are fundamental in jazz improvising. These patterns will enrich your trombone jazz vocabulary.

Bass clef, 46 pages in pdf format.
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In this book, you will find tons of patterns and exercises that will keep you busy for a long time.

All the II-V-I patterns are written to fit the specific needs of the trombone (and trombone players!).

But you might wonder, are pre-made jazz patterns considered cheating? Absolutely not! Think of them as tools that fuel your creative expression.

Once you find patterns you like and incorporate them into your improvising, they become yours. As long as you feel and hear them, they will sound great.

This book covers a wide range of topics, including:

Basic II-V-I patterns using the major scale

Adding the VI dominant

II-V-I patterns using the bebop-scale

Basic II-V-I arpeggios and 2-bar patterns

Ear training with II-V-I progression

With an abundance of patterns, exercises, and expert guidance, this book will keep you engaged and inspired for many practice sessions.

Develop a solid understanding if the II-V-I progression, expand your musical repertoire, and become a confident and expressive jazz trombone improviser – get your copy of this trombone jazz book today!

Bass clef, 46 pages in pdf format.

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