Altered scale patterns for trombone

Altered scale patterns for trombone


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The altered scale - perhaps the most versatile jazz scale of all. This book will help you master it on the trombone.

58 pages in pdf format.

The altered scale is one of my favorites for improvising. It has a distinct and interesting sound that complements a variety of chords. And it is comfortable to play on the trombone in several keys!

In this book you will get a great run-through of the altered scale in all keys in many different patterns, really getting the scale under your skin. Did you know that if you start the C altered scale on the Db, you get a Db jazz minor scale (a derivative of a melodic minor). I use this scale all the time when playing over minor chords as a refreshing alternative to the Dorian minor scale.

Master the altered scale, and you also master the jazz minor scale – a powerful combination that is very useful in jazz.

The trombone on the book cover is of course an altered trombone. It is exclusively available as a special order and only for customers who have purchased and memorized this book. 😀

Bass clef, 58 pages in pdf format.

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