Flexibility for trombone players

Flexibility for trombone players


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Trombone flexibility is one of the keys to becoming a skilled player. It enhances strength, improves legato playing, intonation, and overall control of the instrument.

Bass clef, 38 pages in PDF format.

With this comprehensive collection of flexibility exercises for trombone, you will always find something that is rewarding, enjoyable to play, and challenging. For trombone players in all genres.

The book consists of 38 pages with high-quality original content – not found anywhere else. It is divided into twelve chapters, covering all aspects of trombone flexibility.

Each exercise comes with a clear description, explaining how to play it to get the most out of it.

Bass clef, 38 pages. The book is available in PDF format.

If this is you…

  • – a skilled amateur, looking to get the most out of your trombone
  • – a college or music conservatory student who wants to improve, fast
  • – a trombone teacher looking for new inspiration
  • – a professional player who wants to dazzle your colleagues with lip-wrecking flexibility

…then this a book for you!

A trombone player with bad flexibility is like some bodybuilders – clumsy and unable to use their strength for anything useful. You want to combine strength with grace, flexibility, and sound. And a large spoonful of musicality, of course.

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