Killing the major scales on the trombone

Killing the major scales on the trombone


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This book will make you master major scales in all keys. Perhaps the most comprehensive trombone scale book on the market.

Bass clef, 89 pages in pdf format.

Knowing a C major scale is not about being able to play it up and down from C to C. Rather, consider it as a bunch of carefully selected notes that someone put in a bag. Shake the bag and pour out the notes. Regardless of the order, in which the notes come out, it is still a C major scale.

In this book, the bag of notes has been thoroughly shaken – in all twelve keys! It offers an array of patterns and exercises that are both useful and challenging for trombone players. Benefits include:

Deep knowledge of all 12 keys on your trombone

Improved sight reading

Improved trombone technique and range

Not only major scales

You can’t kill the Ionian scale (fancy name for a regular major scale) without killing all the other modes at the same time. You will get Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, and Locrian modes for each key under your skin as well.

Regardless of what genre you prefer, this book will prove beneficial for your trombone playing. Just promise you won’t play all 89 pages in one practice session! You want to kill those scales, not your chops…

Bass clef, 89 pages in pdf format.

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