How to become a chromatic scale ninja on the trombone

How to become a chromatic scale ninja on the trombone


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Chromatic scales are quite hard to play smoothly on the trombone, and you will need to work on your slide technique to master them. This comprehensive book provides lots of chromatic sheet music exercises.

Bass clef, 72 chromatic pages in pdf format.

Large intervals are tricky on the trombone, but the same goes for the smallest of intervals in the form of the chromatic scale.

There is only one chromatic scale, and it consists of every note you know. It starts on the lowest note you can play and goes on until you run out of chops.

On the piano, playing the chromatic scale is straightforward – simply hit every key going up or down. However, on the trombone, it presents a different challenge. Playing a chromatic scale smooth and seamless on the trombone, starting from any given note, requires dedicated practice. This book offers pro tips and exercises to help you master the chromatic scale, one small step at a time.

Additionally, you will notice significant improvements in your overall trombone technique and chops.

A trombone roadmap

The chromatic scales serve as a detailed map of the trombone. Having the ability to play them effortlessly from any starting note will expand your musical horizons, whether you are a jazz player or primarily focused on classical trombone music.

Ninja with tromboneAre you ready to become a trombone ninja?

Bass clef, 72 very chromatic pages in pdf format.

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