8-tone scale patterns for trombone

8-tone scale patterns for trombone


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An advanced study of one of the most intricate scales in jazz, the 8-tone scale. Written for trombone in bass clef.

110 (!) pages in pdf format.

The 8-tone scale (or diminished scale) has a unique sound embraced by many. Since it is a symmetrical scale, there are infinite possibilities to create jazz patterns, and they are all (almost) included in this book.

Are you just starting to explore the 8-tone scale? Then this book will open your ears for all of its glory. You will be properly introduced to how it works and how and when to use it. The scale is especially useful on 13b9 dominants or dominants with a flat (or sharp) nine and a natural fifth.

8-tone scale in bass clef

The patterns start easy and gradually become more challenging. You can adapt the exercises to fit your chops and range on the trombone. What might start out as an abstract cacophony of notes, will soon crawl under your skin and become a valuable tool in your improvising toolbox.

Master these 8-tone patterns, and you will make the saxophone player in the band drool with envy and respect!

Bass clef, 110 pages in pdf format.

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