Extra hot trombone warmups

Extra hot trombone warmups


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An extensive collection of high-quality trombone warmups.

Bass clef, 49 pages in pdf format.

A proper warmup is essential if you want to get the most out of your trombone practice.

Pick one of the several warmups that suits you to make sure you start the day with well-behaving chops:

⇒ Breathing exercises
⇒ Buzzing on lips and mouthpiece
⇒ 17-minute kickstart
⇒ Warmup – the thorough one
⇒ Midrange kickoff
⇒ Warmup staccato and legato
⇒ Creative warmup

These are warmups I have developed over the years and use regularly as a professional trombone player. They are designed to open up your sound and make sure the airflow is correct and working.

It is a good idea to change your warmup routine once in a while. Playing the same warmup for years and years can make it both boring and a bit mechanical. But since a warmup is a good diagnostic tool that lets you determine the state of your chops and overall breathing, it is a good thing to stick with the same warmup for a while.

This book will really warm up your trombone chops 🔥

Bass clef, 49 pages in pdf format.

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