10 More Jazz Etudes For Trombone

10 More Jazz Etudes For Trombone


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Do you want to play great solos over the chords of famous jazz standards? Do you want to challenge yourself and improve your trombone technique as well as expand your jazz vocabulary?

Bass clef, 47 pages in pdf format.

Each etude in this book is based on the chords from a famous jazz standard and consists of a number of choruses graded easy/medium and advanced.

Based on the following jazz standards:

  • Have You Met Miss Jones
  • On Green Dolphin Street
  • All of Me
  • How insensitive
  • Donna Lee
  • Misty
  • Night and Day
  • There Will Never Be Another You
  • Killer Joe
  • Take Five

Make your trombone practicing fun!

This book is not for all trombone players. Are you a:

  • beginner / intermediate trombone students
  • advanced trombone students
  • college/music conservatory students
  • skilled amateur trombone players
  • professional players
  • trombone teachers
  • classical trombone players wanting to explore jazz

Then this book is indeed for you!

You don´t have to be an improviser to benefit from these etudes, but it does help if you like jazz music. Every etude is written especially for the trombone, and you will experience playing cool jazz phrases that really suit the instrument.

All etudes are original compositions, written by Anders Larson. Make your trombone practicing both fun, challenging, and rewarding with the book 10 More Jazz Etudes For Trombone.

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