Trombone Flexibility

Trombone Flexibility


Possibly the most comprehensive book on trombone flexibility on the market. The high-quality exercises with clear and inspiring instructions will improve your playing and stretch the limits of your chops.

Bass clef, 75 pages in PDF format.

Trombone flexibility is one of the keys to becoming a skilled player. It enhances strength and improves legato playing, intonation, and overall instrument control. This book makes it fun!

Flexibility for trombone players is not about stretching your tongue or being able to perform jaw-dropping lip movements and crazy backends. It translates to smoother transitions between notes, cleaner articulation, and even tonal quality across registers. Imagine changing notes with minimized resistance and maximized control, making every legato feel seamless.
Flexibility will make you a better performer across all musical genres and diminish the physical strain on your embouchure.

A new version of a beloved trombone method book

The updated book Trombone Flexibility isn’t merely a revision; it’s a full transformation. While retaining the essence of the original edition, this one introduces many new chapters, and detailed instructions for all exercises, making it suitable for both aspiring and skilled trombone players, from amateur level to top-drawer pros.

Why practice flexibility?

Good flexibility ensures that you can play longer, more complex pieces without fatigue setting in prematurely. Simply put, flexibility isn’t just a skill; it’s the path to more durable and versatile trombone playing.
You’ll find exercises that may challenge your current practices, nudging you gently (and sometimes, a bit firmly) out of your comfort zone. But stick with it. This isn’t about immediate gratification but a long-term investment in your trombone playing.

Bass clef, 75 pages in PDF format.

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