New trombone book: Flexibility for Trombone Players

New trombone book: Flexibility for Trombone Players

Trombone flexibility, or the ability to effortlessly play both large and small intervals without tonguing is one of the fundamentals of trombone playing. It’s the essence that sets apart great trombone players from the good ones. Now, I’m thrilled to unveil the thoroughly revamped edition of Flexibility for Trombone Players – a method that’s more comprehensive, engaging, and instructive than ever before.

A Fresh Take on a Beloved Trombone Method Book

The updated Flexibility for Trombone Players isn’t merely a revision; it’s a transformation. While retaining the essence of the original, this edition introduces several new chapters, and detailed and updated instructions for all exercises, making it suitable for both aspiring and veteran trombone enthusiasts, from amateur level to top-notch pros.

You will work with high-quality flexibility exercises and advanced techniques that build muscle memory, mouthpiece workouts, and the ever-essential pedal tones, with a fresh perspective and refined instructions.

Why This Book is a Must-Have

I bet you have spent hours practicing trombone flexibility already, and you probably have a bunch of go-to exercises already. So why do you need this book? This book doesn’t merely throw exercises at you; it educates, guides, and mentors you. It will help you build up your trombone flexibility to new heights from the ground up.

With light-hearted yet informative comments, sprinklings of humor, and illustrative examples, it makes the journey of mastering trombone flexibility both enlightening and enjoyable. The newly added chapters ensure that those familiar with the original edition find plenty of fresh knowledge and challenges.

What’s New?

No page of the original book has been left untouched. This is now the book I wish I had written 10 years ago! In addition, there are several new chapters, making it a total of 75 pages of chops-bending trombone exercises. New chapters include:

  • Trigger Your Flexibility: Patterns for trigger-happy trombone players using trombones with an F attachment attached.
  • Triad Lip Gymnastics: Triads are fundamental regardless of genre. In this chapter, you get to know them well through fun exercises for both lips and ears.
  • High Range Flexibility: Combining two important aspects of trombone playing, what’s not to like?

Grab Your Copy!

Ready to elevate your trombone flexibility with this updated guide? Head over to the trombone book section and get your copy today. 

And no – flexibility for trombone players is not about stretching your tongue or being able to perform jaw-dropping lip movements. Or crazy backends.

Flexibility will make you a better trombone performer across all musical genres and reduce the physical strain on your embouchure. Simply put, this isn’t just a skill; it’s the path to more versatile trombone playing overall.

Your flexible journey starts here. Break a leg!


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