What happens if you mix a square-headed scandinavian, trombone, jazz, soul and New York?

Elektrojazz New York Tribute – a album as an app featuring NYC artists

The best answer to the question in the headline, is to watch this video about four Scandinavians quest to capture the sound and feel of NYC. One of them is a trombone guy (me).

And the four of us together make up Elektrojazz. If you are a long-time digitaltrombone reader, you might remember me bragging about our first album ‘Cars’ – an album dedicated to classic cars. But this time, it is all about New York.

We decided to make a musical tribute to our favourite city. A couple of month ago, we gathered Elektrojazz in New York for an intense recording session and co-writing with talented NYC artists. All lyrics are related to New York, and we have tried to capture the pulse, feel and smell of the city in our music. We went around town to do on location recordings of street musicians, people and places, and then we added the Elektrojazz flavour on top.

Elektrojazz Brooklyn studio session

Brooklyn studio session

The result – our second album – is coming soon and  it will be available as a app for smartphones and tablet, as well as on major streaming services. Elektrojazz with vocals equals organic soul and r&b, flavoured with groovy jazz, funk and latin.

NYC singer Michael Stephenson with Anders Larson and Anders Rose

NYC singer Michael Stephenson with Anders Larson and Anders Rose

One of our guest artists, NYC singer and saxophone player Michael Stephenson, will join us on stage for a row of concerts during Copenhagen Jazz Festival in July. If you are in town, don´t hesitate to reach out.

This is by far my most ambitious record project so far, and my first flirtation with vocal music (don´t worry, I am not singing myself). And since there are far too much trombone on this recording to appeal to a broad audience, I hope that you will appreciate the music!

I will let you know when our album-app hits the streets (and various app stores). If you can´t wait that long, this video captures the process of making the album.

Disclaimer: selected trombone solos appearing on this album are processed with various malicious audio plugins, making the horn sound like something from a seventies gangster movie. With auto-wha wha. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Groove on,
Anders Larson

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