Elektrojazz “Cars” the album – a tribute to classic cars

Elektrojazz “Cars” the album – a tribute to classic cars

Elektrojazz – rare grooves with funky latin and soulful trombone jazz

A few years ago, I decided to start up a new musical project, and cover new musical grounds. This was the beginning of Elektrojazz, a groove jazz band where I try to capture the sound and feel of the seventies soul/funk/jazz/latin music.

I spent quite a lot of time writing a completely new repertoire for my new band, and before hitting the recording studio, we got to play a good bunch of live gigs where we could dig into the music.

Since we play music inspired by the seventies, and I am a big car fan, I decided to make the album into a tribute to the greatest cars of the seventies. Each track on the album is

dedicated to a specific car model, and we got car enthusiasts from around the world to put thousands of votes for their favorite cars to help us pick the right ones for our tracklist.

Working with the car theme on top of the musical production has been great fun, and I have received assistance from both car magazines, car dealers and car enthusiasts getting both pictures for cd cover and publicity.

The album is finally on the market, and I am pleased to be able to say that it actually turned out just the way I wanted it to. My band members play their a**** off on the recording, and we got precious help from world-class trumpet player Gerard Presencer and Rune Harder Olesen on percussion.

If you are in Copenhagen during the annual Copenhagen Jazz Festival, you have a good chance of hearing Elektrojazz on stage. We will be performing around town, see our concert schedule here.

All the best,
Anders Larson

Get the album here It is also available on iTunes, Spotify, and several other platforms.

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  1. john durkee 10 years ago

    The music sounds great. The Pacer? That is either an homage to Wayne’s World or a clear manifestation of acute mental illness. Either way, I will still order the album.

  2. king2b 10 years ago

    John, I am afraid that the Pacer then is a clear manifestation of acute mental illness. I happen to like that little odd thing, and had actually forgotten its role in Waynes world… I am glad that my mental state is not holding you back from buying the album.


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