Web shop is launched!

Web shop is launched!

After hours of tweaking and fine tuning, the digitaltrombone web shop is now launched! Opening hours are Monday-Sunday 9.00am-9.00am CET. All year. Always!

The shop will offer books and sheet music in PDF format, covering a wide variety of subjects such as:

  • methods for trombone and other brass instruments
  • jazz etudes
  • exercises
  • big band arrangements
  • music for brass ensembles
  • original compositions

?: Do I have to buy something when I visit the store?
!: No, but I strongly recommend it.
?: Can I return purchased items?
!: No, you cannot return a digital product, but feel free to send me a nasty email with your complaints.
?: Is there any other web shop in the world that can compete with the digitaltrombone shop?
!: No. I don´t think so.
?: Are your products safe?
!: Yes, very. All our downloadable products are animal tested and guaranteed allergy free.
?: What if my friends are interested in the product I just bought?
!: Tease them with it and send them to the shop. Giving them the product would be stupid. And illegal. And bad for business.
?: Can I become an affiliate marketer of your products?
!: Yes you can. More info here
?: Will that make me rich?
!: Probably not. Maybe a little.
?: My recently purchased PDF file has a peculiar smell to it. What can I do?
!: Switch to mac.


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