Farewell to two dear brass colleagues

Farewell to two dear brass colleagues

I just wanted to say farewell to two beloved Danish jazz musicians who both past away, with only a few weeks in between. With their colorful personalities, strong egos and and excellent musicality, they will be missed both by colleagues and jazz lovers.

Jazz trumpet player Jens Winther passed away February 25th in Geneva, where he lived the last period of his life. Jens was a great musician, both as a trumpet player and composer with a glorified international career. He has an impressive track record with many cd releases, both for small groups and large ensembles such as Jens Winther European Quartet, Danish Radio Big Band and Metropole Orchestra in Holland. Jens passed away much to soon at the age of 50.

I had the pleasure to play numerous big band gigs with trombonist Erling Kroner. He always filled out the room he entered, both musically and with his outward personality. For centuries, he was one of the leading jazz trombone players in Denmark, and has made numerous recordings with his own groups, spanning from trios to big band. Erling passed away in his home in Copenhagen at March 2nd, after a longer period of decease. At the age of 67, Erling should have had many more years of making music left, and I will truly miss him, both as a musician and friend.

My thoughts are with you!
Anders Larson
Erling Kroner with Niels Jørgen Steen´s Monday Night Big Band in 2007

Jens Winther back stage jam with Tom Harrell at Copenhagen Jazzhouse 2009

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  1. Jon 13 years ago

    Sad news – thanks for posting it though.

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