Elephanfare for 6 trombones and 2 tubas

Elephanfare for 6 trombones and 2 tubas

The world famous architect Norman Foster was hired to design the new elephant house at the Copenhagen Zoo a few years ago. Living close to the Zoo I could see the project evolve, and it struck me that they couldn´t possibly have a grand opening without an Elephanfare!

I contacted the Zoo and tried to sell them my idea. To make sure I had something to bargain with, I sad that I needed 6 trombones and two tubas, knowing that they would negotiate it down to half the number.

To my great surprise, they agreed to my 8-piece ensemble, and I could start composing and putting together some of the best brass players in Copenhagen to play the piece!

Take a listen to the Phanfare, I hope you like it!

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Musicians on the recording:
Anders Larson, Peter Jensen, Anders Stigsgaard, Andras Olsen, Lars Hastrup (tb) André Jensen (b-tb) Jacob Munck (sousa) Jesper Hyllested (tuba)

This piece is available as downloadable PDF sheet music, get your copy here.


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