Flexibility for trombone players

Flexibility for Trombone
Flexibility for Trombone
Bass clef, 38 pages in pdf format.
Price: $19.95

Flexibility for trombone players

Good flexibility is one of the keys to becoming a good trombone player. It builds up strength, improves legato playing, intonation and instrument control. But since you got hold of this book, you probably know this already! My intention with this collection of flexibility exercises, is to make sure that you can always find something that is both rewarding, fun to play and challenging. Flexibility is fundamental for trombone (and brass) players, and the exercises are not targeted to classical or jazz players specially, but trombone players in all genres.

Trombone playing without good flexibility can be like being a bodybuilder; big and strong, but often clumsy and unable to use the strength to anything really useful. (And it looks kind of stupid too…) You want to combine strength with grace, flexibility and sound. And a big bowl of musicality, of course. Think of a parkour (try search for it on Youtube of you don´t know what it is!). As brass players (and musicians in general), I believe that we can learn a lot from those performers. They combine strength with extreme limberness and body control. And there is always a forward motion in their performances.

This book

38 pages with high quality original content – not found anywhere else! The book is divided in twelve chapters, covering all aspects of working on flexibility on trombone. You don´t have to follow the order of the book, neither do you need to play all the exercises in the chapter.

It´s up to you to make sure you get the most out of it, and optimize your practice time. Therefor, I have inserted a comment field after many of the exercises. This could make it easier for you to keep track on what you are working on, and highlight your favorite exercises. I have chosen to include written introductions to all the exercises, and I hope that helps you get the most out of the exercises.
Trombone lessons flexibility exercises

Who are you?

Are you a good amateur, looking to get the most out of your well chosen hobby?
Are you going to music school, and want to dig deeper into the world of trombone playing?
Are you a college or music conservatory student who want to be challenged in your everyday practice sessions?
Are you a trombone teacher and want some inspiration for your teaching, while learning yourself?
Are you a pro, looking to maintain and improve your skills, and want to dazzle your colleagues with lip wrecking flexibility?
……then this book is written just for you!


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    1. Eu toco Trombone na Banda de Fajões, que ja agora é uma grande banda, e é bom ver sites destes, grande site, bons pots. Só resta que continuem.

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