Trombone Lesson: Focused Practicing – Part 2

Trombone Lesson: Focused Practicing – Part 2

The 30 minute session

I have written about getting the most out of your trombone practicing sessions in a previous post – FOCUSED PRACTICING IN 7 STEPS. This time, I will give you some advice on how to stay focused while practicing. Personally, I tend to be very unfocused in general, letting my mind wander and following too many impulses to do small things not related to the current task. All of a sudden, it seems to be very important to answer that three days old email, look up a tune on Spotify or make a move in Wordfeud…

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My solution to this, is to set a timer clock, and do NOTHING at all but practice trombone until it rings. Try setting it on 30 minutes, and work on your concentration during that time span. Try not to think about anything but your trombone playing for those 30 minutes. It is hard, but if you can master this task, you can really become much more efficient and learn a lot more in a shorter period of time. You can gradually try to increase the time, ending up with an hour of totally focused trombone playing.

Am I good at this? No, but I am working on it on an (almost) daily basis. Just knowing that my practice session is limited, make me want to achieve more and get the most out of it.

Try it – and let me know how it works out for you!