Trombone lesson: Doodle Tonguing – Part 2

Trombone lesson: Doodle Tonguing – Part 2

Doodle Tonguing – Part 2

Basic exercises

This is the second part in a series about doodle tonguing, and this time I want to share a few basic exercises to improve both speed and precision when using doodle tongue.

I recommend that you take a few lessons with a doodling trombone player if you are new in this field to ensure that you get it right from the beginning. It is a lot easier to learn something the right way right away, rather than changing bad habits later!

The main use of doodle tongue is for playing fast legato lines, but to get there you should make sure that you can play it slowly as well. The following exercises are all basic and are designed to allow you to focus on getting the articulation perfect.

I already explained the use of doodle tongue playing eight notes. Now it is time to try to play doodle triplets! Once you get used to them, I believe you will find them very useful.

Regular doodle tongue:
do-dle do-dle

Triplet doodle tongue:
do-dle-do do-dle-do

You don’t have to play all of the exercises in one sitting or play all the patterns in all keys. Focus on quality rather than quantity when you practice doodle tonguing (and everything else for that matter!).

In part 3, I will show some great exercises that will help you build up speed and strength – you can look forward to the sensation of lactic acid in your tongue ?  There are only a small handful of websites in the world offering this very specific service!

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PS. If you are new to doodle tonguing, I suggest that you take a look here first:
Introduction to doodle tonguing


  1. Jens Holmegaard 14 years ago

    Thank you very much for introducing your site on the web, Anders. Just what I´ve been looking for for years. As a selfmade trombonist, I hope – with your help – to correct myself and my bad habits.

  2. Anders 14 years ago

    Thanks Jens, I´m glad you can use the stuff I post here, that is, of course, kind of the idea with the site!

  3. Peter 13 years ago

    Thanks a lot Anders! You can’t imagine how difficult it is to learn doodle tonguing in Poland, where most trombonists don’t even know about it. I’ve been struggling with it for about a year now and thanks to You and a few other people, who publish their insights on the internet, I’m finally getting more and more proficient!

  4. king2b 13 years ago

    Peter, your kind of comments is what makes me keep posting stuff on, thanks for letting me know that you find it useful!


  5. Bob wetherall 13 years ago

    Nice, useful stuff!

  6. king2b 13 years ago

    Thanks Bob! Please let me know if there are other topics you want to read about!


  7. charles ward 13 years ago

    I think you are outstanding in your presentation and it’s very helpful for trombone players like myself.Iwill like to know a few things about you where can i find the book or dvd that demonstrate how to doodle tongue and what book you study arrangaing from, in a few weeks i’ll be buying your book 10 etudes for trombone.

  8. Anders 13 years ago

    Hi Charles

    Thanks for the very kind words. The doodle studies (and all other exercises) here are based on my own experiences, and they are currently only available here at, but I am sure that there are good books and DVD´s out there on the subject.


  9. Ernest Nixon 8 years ago

    Thank You for the useful information on doodle tonguing. I have played high school, Army Band, and college band and fast playing has always been my week point. I am excited to get back into the groove of practicing these exercises.

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