Trombone lesson: My favorite warmup

Trombone lesson: My favorite warmup

Nothing fancy here, just a great warm up exercise that I use on a (almost) daily basis. It´s a good combination of legato and staccato and starts in a relaxed range and goes down. Deep down! Try not to give up half way in order to get the most out of it.

Working on the pedal tones in part 3, can really help you open up your sound and throat and give you a great start on the day. This is the trombone breakfast with fresh fruits and lots of fibres – it keeps you going!

Since this could be the first thing you play on a given day, make sure that you are very relaxed and aim for an open sound with a lot of overtones. A non-responsive feel on the instrument is probably cured when you´re done with the exercise.

Section 2 involves a lot of notes below the low E. On my small jazz trombone without F attachment I just play them anyway and try to get a decent sound out of it. If you have a F attachment I suggest that you try playing it without using it once in a while.

The sheet music might look a bit long and ambitious, but it´s basically just the same scale pattern transposed down all the time. If you are in a hurry, try skipping every second scale instead of moving on after the first sections.

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Printer friendly version here:
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