Trombone lesson: Mike Stern lick in all keys

Trombone lesson: Mike Stern lick in all keys

Mike Stern is, despite not being a trombone player, is an amazing jazz musician. I stole this phrase from one of Mike’s solos on a recording a few years ago because I liked the sound of it. And being bored on a rainy day, I decided to write it down in all keys and work on it on my trombone. It turned out to be a quite hard but rewarding technical trombone exercise. You’ll get a good high-range workout too!

And don’t ask – I forgot what recording it is from… But please let me know if you do!


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  1. Mike Epifano 12 years ago

    Hi Anders,

    GREAT site….I was wondering what changes one plays the Mike Stern pattern over…

    Thank you,


  2. Anders 12 years ago

    Thanks, Mike! About hte chords… I honestly don´t remember! I´ll see if I can find out.


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