Trombone lesson: Triad inversions work out

It was supposed to be a simple little exercise, didn´t expect it to end up covering nine pages of sheet music!

This is an exercise about the different types of triads and their inversions. Triads are a fundamental part of western music, both classical, jazz and pop/rock etc. You don´t need a bachelor in triadism to spot the difference between major and minor, but when you include the different inversion, mix minor, major, augmented and diminished it can be a bit more tricky to tell them apart.

This exercise will help you get them all down, and at the same time you get to work on building up chops, working on legato and staccato phrasing and expand your range.

You decide yourself how much effort you want to put into analyzing the triads while playing them, or if you just want to play it through with the brain on stand by. If you are a classical player you have some (bad) excuses not to analyze and listen while playing, if you are a jazz players there are no excuses not to focus on the ear training part of the exercise.

Have fun, and remember that technical trombone exercises are at least as fun as roller coasters, gokarts and Piña Coladas!

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Triad inversion work out
Sheet music in printer friendly PDF format. Bass clef (C) and treble clef (Bb).
Suited for trombone, trumpet, euphonium, tuba
Price: $2.50

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