Do you play trombone? Do you want to improve your playing?

Newsletter sign up: get a free original jazz etudes is a website for trombone players with tons of tips, tricks and exercises for trombone players. Are you a skilled amateur player, trombone student or professional looking for new input and challenges? Then this is a space for you. The site has more than 70 articles on trombone playing, many of them with free sheet music to go with them.

Learn more about topics as:

  • Tongueing
  • Breathing
  • Flexibility
  • Etude playing
  • Scales
  • Improvisation
  • Low range, high range and pedal tones
  • Intonation
  • Strenght

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Keep on playing,
Anders Larson

Anders Larson is the founder of He is a professional jazz trombone player based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has so far released three albums in his own name. On he shares his knowledge about trombone and brass playing, acquired through years of professional work in various genres, and by teaching trombone students on all levels. Anders Larson is also a skilled composer and arranger, and has written lots of music for big band, including commission works for the Danish Radio Big Band. “If you can´t hear it, you can´t play it!”


    7 thoughts on “Do you play trombone? Do you want to improve your playing?

    1. Thanks Charles, that is very kind of you! Please let me know what you want to read more about in the future!

    2. Read through 40 pages into 10 etudes first reading JUST GREAT!! Look forward to book2 advanced?. So, enjoy your web site.

    3. I play baritone horn (AKA Euphonium) and thoroughly enjoy the content you offer with your website and newsletter.

      I am 65 years old and play for my own pleasure and the occasional Merry Tuba Christmas gathering. Also, I play in our church orchestra.

      I have been working on teaching myself some jazz licks and trying to broaden my horizons as a player.

      What do you think of valve trombones? I once played slide trombone and discovered I had no talent on the instrument and moved to the baritone. I have thought of buying a valve trombone to play, but I know little about them and have no idea which brand would be good. Also, it appears they have a wide price range. Any help would be appreciated.

      Keep up the good work and I will keep reading all you say.

      Mike Reed
      Jenison, Michigan

    4. I learn a great deal and enjoy playing more each day! Thank you very much. Carole

    5. Trombone .Do you have any suggestions for a 73 yr old who has been off the horn for 15 yrs. Have dentures, full top partial bottom. sold my horns 15 yrs age after dentures. I want to try to play again for my own pleasure. Use to play big band and jazz in local groups. use to use 6-1/2 al and 7c on King 2 & 3B bones. Do you thin a small to medium bore would be OK. And what size mouthpiece would you suggest. I think it would take me 3 to 6 month to get chops and technique back, if not longer, like starting over again.

    6. Does any of your videos exercises or interludes come with audio so that you could learn by ear not just not just reading the material

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