10 More Jazz Etudes For Trombone

more trombone jazz etudes prod pic frontpageI am a bit ashamed. Despite the good response I got on the book ’10 Jazz Etudes For Trombone’, it has taken me four years to complete the second edition. But finally, here it is, the brand new trombone book

10 More Jazz Etudes For Trombone
written by Anders Larson (that´s me).

The structure of the book

If you are familiar with the first edition of the jazz etudes, you will recognize the setup in the second edition. For those of you who do not know the first book, this is how it is structured: Continue reading

    Half plunger – available now

    April 1st, 2014

    Today´s offer:

    The worlds first half plunger for trombone (trumpet version in development)

    This remarkable brass tool has been sought after by composers and arrangers for decades, and is finally available exclusively through the digitaltrombone.com shop. It is an ergonomically disaster designed for musical masterpieces.

    Are you tired of trying to get the full half plunger sound with 
    a regular plunger? Upgrade to the half plunger now and look 
    professional on the band stand.

    The half plunger is also well suited for both half time playing and half time players.

    As the only trombone mute on the market, the half plunger is available in both right handed and left handed versions.

    Half plunger left and right hand models

    Half plunger left and right hand models

    Continue reading

      Worlds greatest trombone plunger mute?

      Yes, we all know the fancy red&white music store trombone plunger, and it does sound really good. But I never liked the handling of it, it is too clumsy and hard to hold comfortably. Might be that my mid-sized scandinavian hands that are fitted backwards…

      A few years ago, Erling Kroner (R.I.P. dear colleague) had a trombone friend in USA send him some plungers from an american hardware store, and he sold me one of them. I have been committed to it ever since! It is deep enough to have a good sound, but still nice to hold. I have used it on hundreds of gigs and several recordings by now.

      BUT – I have had it for a few years now, and it it a cheap rubber product, so now it has started to crack. Is there anyone (americans) out there who know where to get hold of this model???? Continue reading

        Great live mic for trombone – Audix i5

        Audix i5 micSetting up for soundcheck at a club recently, I caught eyes on a mic I hand´t seen before,
        Audix i5 Instrument Microphone
        mounted on the stand in front of me. Being a moderat gear nerd, I noticed the design, and appreciated the fact that the sound guy actually made a deliberate choice, instead of just setting up an old dented
        Shure SM57

        “Well, it´s just another mic, let´s get this sound check over with…” But to my surprise, Continue reading

          Trombone stand review: Hercules TraveLite

          I had been looking for at foldable trombone stand that actually works for some time. For a few years I put up with this model from K&M, but it isn´t very stable, and it doesn´t take long before the legs get loose (and they can´t be tightened…).

          Hercules TraveLite DS420B Trombone Stand

          A few month ago I bought this stand from Hercules ( with the very little fancy name Hercules TraveLite DS420B) from an online music store. Finally I found a stand that works! A few words about it: Continue reading