Elektrojazz live

The worlds biggest jazz festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, begins july 4th, and there are plenty of opportunities to hear Elektrojazz live!

July 4, 19.00: Bernstorff Slot
July 7, 21.00: Nørrebro Bryghus
July 8, 22.30: Cafe Bopa
July 11, 18.30: Scandic Front
July 12, 21.00: Kvarterhuset

I am eager to get my band Elektrojazz on stage and present the music from our new recording ‘Cars’. We play rare grooves, funky latin and jazz, all original music. If you are in or around Copenhagen the next ten days, please drop by! Some more info about the venues and concerts: Continue reading

    New album out: Elektrojazz – Cars

    Elektrojazz: Rare grooves with funky latin and soulful trombonious jazz

    Elektrojazz-cd-coverA few years ago, I decided to start up a new musical project, and cover new musical grounds. This was the beginning of Elektrojazz, a groove jazz band where I try to capture the sound and feel of the seventies soul/funk/jazz/latin music.

    I spent quite a lot of time writing a completely new repertoire for my new band, and before hitting the recording studio last year, we got to play a good bunch of live gigs where we could dig into the music.

    Since we play music inspired by the seventies, and I am a big car fan, I decided to make the album into a tribute to the greatest cars of the seventies. Each track on the album is Continue reading

      Anders Larson Quintet feat. Gerard Presencer – Live recording

      I just wanted to share a few tracks from a live concert in Copenhagen in June 2010. It´s with my quintet, featuring the amazing trumpet player Gerard Presencer. He decided to move to Copenhagen in 2009 to play with the Danish Radio Big Band, thank you for that, Gerard! Check out his solo in Coltrane´s 26-2, it is absolutely unnecessarily good…

      The rest of the band consists of some of the best Danish jazz musicians, Henrik Gunde on piano, Thomas Fonnesbech on bass and Karsten Bagge on drums.

      [mp3player width=400 height=80 config=player-in-post.xml playlist=alq-feat-presencer-live.xml]
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        Top 5 of unnecessarily high trumpet notes in film music

        There isn´t much more to say about this, just sit back and enjoy. And there is actually some great music in there, played by real musicians! I especially like the clip wit Cat Anderson in the middle of the video – great music, great musicians and world class lead playing. You might want to stop when Maynard Ferguson starts, he has done a lot of great music. This example does not fall into that category…

        And now, back to business.
        Catch you later!

          Elephanfare for 6 trombones and 2 tubas

          The world famous architect Norman Foster was hired to design the new elephant house at the Copenhagen Zoo a few years ago. Living close to the Zoo I could see the project evolve, and it struck me that they couldn´t possibly have a grand opening without an Elephanfare!

          I contacted the Zoo and tried to sell them my idea. To make sure I had something to bargain with, I sad that I needed 6 trombones and two tubas, knowing that they would negotiate it down to half the number.

          To my great surprise Continue reading