Trombone lesson: Doodle Pentatonics

Pentatonic April – part II

This is the second pentatonic exercise in a series of two, read the first part here

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Doodle Pentatonics
Pentatonic scales are useful for many things, including working on your doodle chops. You will expand your range, build up strength and really get those pentatonic scales into your slide arm.

No secret formula here, just plain hard (and rewarding) work. Make sure that you play the scales in a tempo that you can master. Every attack should be clear, and make sure the difference between the doo-attacks and dl-attacks are minimal. Continue reading

    Trombone lesson: Triad inversions work out

    It was supposed to be a simple little exercise, didn´t expect it to end up covering nine pages of sheet music!

    This is an exercise about the different types of triads and their inversions. Triads are a fundamental part of western music, both classical, jazz and pop/rock etc. You don´t need a bachelor in triadism to spot the difference between major and minor, but when you include the different inversion, mix minor, major, augmented and diminished it can be a bit more tricky to tell them apart. Continue reading