Trombone lesson: Triads and inversions part 2

Here´s some more triads to play around with. Check out this trombone lesson for the background of this exercise. I suggest that you try to come up with some more exercises in this style, and practise them without sheet music. There are some quite interesting melodic lines out there to be explored! Continue reading

    Trombone lesson: Triads and inversions part 1

    Regardless if you are an improviser or a ligit (classical) player it´s very important to be able to hear the music you play. And that is actually hearing it before you play it (if you can´t hear it while playing you should consider plumbing or mountain climbing instead of playing music). Knowing what the next note is going to sound like makes it much easier to play in tune and with rich sound. I would actually say that the audience can hear the difference if you know the music by heart or not, even if you play it correct and in tune. Continue reading

      Trombone lesson: The key to improvising

      Hear the music before you play it

      You can learn all the great licks, all the fancy notes in every chord and play faster and higher than a supersonic stealth bomber and still sound like crap when you play an improvised solo. The most important factor as an improviser is the ability to hear what you want to play – before you play it! Continue reading