10 Jazz Etudes for Trombone

Do you want to play great jazz solos, written especially for trombone?

Now you can, without having to learn how to improvise!

10 Jazz Etudes for Trombone
10 Jazz Etudes for Trombone
Bass clef, 58 pages in pdf format. The jazz etudes are written specially for trombone and take advantage of the instruments range and technical possibilities. Every etude consists of two parts; easy/medium and advanced, and are based on the harmonies from famuos jazz standards. Written in the style of bebop and modern jazz. Play them on your own or with a rythm section/piano player. Makes practising fun!
Price: $19.95

I don´t like to practise. It´s lonely and can be quite boring. That is why I wrote this book – to make trombone practising fun!

The concept of the book is simple: Every etude is composed as an improvised jazz solo, written over the chords from a famous jazz standard. And every etude consists of two parts; easy/medium and advanced, each divided into numbered choruses. Two of the etudes are written as a duet for two trombones.

You can play the etudes alone, with a piano player, a full rhythm section or find the relevant songs as play-along (not included). The idea is to let you expand your jazz vocabulary, and play music that really fits the instrument.

I have tried to make sure that every little melodic phrase makes sense. If you break it down, there is (almost) always a good explanation to the notes in the melody in relation to the harmony.

Many of the licks and phrases in my improvised solos has its origin in other great jazz players. After playing and adapting these stolen phrases over time, they have transformed and become a part of my musical language. I love musical cliches and encourage to use cliches as well! Just make sure that you understand them, feel them and hear what you play before you play it – then it will become a part of your musical vocabulary.

I truly believe that you will enjoy the book, and get many hours of fun and rewarding playing out of it!

Yours sincerely
Anders Larson

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Sample from the book

    4 thoughts on “10 Jazz Etudes for Trombone

    1. In your 56 page etudes book do the advanced porton work it way up in range?
      Say do they get up to high C .A more working range for jaxx improv

      I just love your web site. My age 80 and playing in a jazz group outhere in South Dakota

      thank you Larry Ward

    2. Hi larry!

      There are some pretty high notes once in a while in the advanced sections of the etudes, but it is written as optional ova in many places, so it´s up to you where you want to play it.

      And thanks for the kind words, Larry!

      Merry Christmas

    3. My ebook came today. 10 etudes 58 pages. I want to say their just great!! I read through 40 pages first sitting. I look fordward to book 2 advanced to complete moving on up. Having played trombone over 60 years on name bands etc. This is a wonderful read.Like the working into A Train etc. was fun to play. Keep up the great web site.

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